So, I deactivated my account on Twitter today. This is something I planned to do relatively shortly after Elon Musk became Twitter’s owner, and the way he has been driving Twitter into the ground since then didn’t leave a lot of room for doubting my decision. However, I was especially baffled today when I learned that he started a poll on his personal (!) Twitter account whether Twitter should let Donald Trump rejoin or not. I didn’t learn about this poll through Twitter, but through an unrelated news channel. It’s stunning how egocentric Elon Musk seems to be: No matter what the result of this poll is going to be, this is not going to be representative anyway. Does he really think that everybody who is on Twitter is also following him? How about all the people who don’t follow him, does their opinion not count? Does he really think this should primarily be a popularity contest? There were serious reasons why Donald Trump got banned. This is so wrong on so many levels. Wow!

Pascal Costanza @costanza