The Last of Us TV series

I watched the first four episodes of The Last of Us, and I think I am not going to continue. It doesn’t seem to go into any interesting direction. It’s basically all the same elements that you have already seen in other Zombie movies and series: People are more dangerous to each other than the Zombies are to them; there might finally be a solution to the Zombie plague, but people need to “fight” to make it happen; it is difficult to survive, because everything is in short supply - except, of course for, weapons. There are lots of weapons. The NRA must be really very, very happy about these kind of depictions. Sure, there are sometimes “adults” who are skeptical about letting “children” use weapons, but in the end, it’s “good” that “children” can use weapons. This is actually really disgusting. On top of that, the typical American approach to try to appeal both to the “left” (i.e. somewhat right from the center) and to the “right” (i.e., extreme far right). Not interested. (In the past, I gave The Walking Dead more than a fair chance, because a friend strongly recommended it, but I eventually also gave up on that one for the same reasons.) I miss George Romero.

Pascal Costanza @costanza